A non-game technical demo as my 7D3D 2019 entry.

My goal for this 7D3D was to knuckle down and learn some libraries, frameworks and tools for C++ that I’ve been meaning to look at for a couple of years.

These included Premake, Dear ImGui, OpenGL 3.3, AssImp, GLFW and Bullet. I consider my goal ‘successful’ in that I got everything working together. I’m planning on using this as a foundation for the next 7D3D, where I’ll be attempting to build a small game on top of this framework.

The demo is three-parts, one of them which doesn’t exactly work. Once the ‘game’ has started, press F1 to open the Debug Window and use the State menu to change the current state.

Normal State:

Renders a model.

HMap Test State:

Broken heightmap generator+viewer. Was broken due to shader and buffer changes halfway through.

Main Game State:

The big ‘everything working together’ state. Has a bunch of physics objects spawned randomly, colliding with each other. Camera is following one of the ships and can be moved by using the debug panel and changing the ship X/Y/Z variables.

And that’s literally all there is to it!

Source Code Notes:

Most of the source code is included in the source download, and it’s a mess. You have been warned. This is certifiable Jam Code.

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- Daniel '64Mega' Lawrence


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